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RubikQuest is a web service that searches all facets of higher education to compile massive datamart that becomes available to the potential college student. By creating an account with RubikQuest, hopeful students will have access to the most powerful datamart ever assembled for higher education. Just tell RubikQuest what you find important in a higher education institution, and let the magic happen as it churns through thousands of data points to find the top matches for you.

The key to a successful college experience is finding the perfect college for your personal characteristics, attributes and goals, and here at RubikQuest, that’s exactly what we set out to do.

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RubikQuest can scientifically match students to the appropriate college based on their individual personalities, goals, and desires.

RubikQuest wants to become synonymous with selecting a college, course and locations at a household level.

RubikQuest wants to create an environment that is “fun” for students to explore educational options.

RubikQuest wants to become the primary tool of guidance departments in every high-school in the United States.

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