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Just over half of students who begin college actually graduate with their degree within six years of starting. Of all the students that attend college, nearly 40% transfer to another institution at least once. This amount of indecisiveness can wreak havoc on bank accounts, future planning, and most importantly, emotional and psychological unrest.

In this age of technology, we have websites that will match people to the perfect vehicle for you, other sites that will match you to the best home for you, and even sites to help you find the love of your life. Why then, don’t we have this kind of help for one of the biggest financial decisions in your life?

RubikQuest is a web service that searches all facets of higher education to compile massive datamart that becomes available to the potential college student. By creating an account with RubikQuest, hopeful students will have access to the most powerful datamart ever assembled for higher education. Just tell RubikQuest what you find important in a higher education institution, and let the magic happen as it churns through thousands of data points to find the top matches for you. It’s higher education, tailored to you! By finding the perfect institution for your educational needs, you can save money by reducing the time (and lost credits) transferring to other schools, as well as increasing your chances of successfully earning your degree. You wouldn’t use a Ferrari to haul gravel…so why would you go to a school that doesn’t offer the things you find important to you?

Higher Education for Potential College Student