RubiKquest Top Party Schools in the United States: All Information is Good Information!


Top Party Schools in the United States: All Information is Good Information!

Published on: 31 Jan 2020

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Top Party Schools in America


People often say that college is the best four years of your life.  It is a time in your life where eating McDonald’s at 3AM is socially acceptable and your biggest problem is finding a way to make it to your 8AM class every week or what you should wear on Friday night.  It is the one time in your life where you can be whoever you want to be. It is the time in your life to figure it all out.

And a big part of college is parties.  Alcohol or not, parties are a time to socialize and connect with peers. While this may not be the most parent-friendly blog post, the reality is, some schools are just a little more skilled in the party areas than others, and for that reason they have made it on our top party schools list.

In order to create this party school hierarchy, Rubiquest pulled data from Niche.  Their calculations include access to bars and restaurants, athletics culture, Greek Life, and student polling data.  If this opportunity to socialize is important to you, allow Rubiquest to do the work for you and find the best school that meets all your “socialization” needs. Let’s get this party started:


25. San Diego State University

Location:  San Diego, CA

Number of Undergraduates:  27,060

Student-to-faculty ratio:  28:1

Close to the beach, average temps rarely dipping below 65 year round, varsity sports, and tailgates, it shouldn’t be too hard to have a good time at San Diego State University.


24. University of Pennsylvania

Location:  Philadelphia, PA

Number of undergraduates:  10,496

Student-to-faculty ratio:  6:1

While U Penn is well-known for it’s academics and meesly 9% acceptance rate, not all the students at U Penn are being held captive in the library.  Often referred to as “the social Ivy,” U Penn offers a very present Greek Life community that’s prominent in the social aspect of the university.  



23. Louisiana State University

Location:  Baton Rouge, LA

Number of Undergraduates:  22,060

Student-to-faculty ratio:  20:1

With the majority of campus revolving around sports and Baton Rouge offering tons of fun options to explore, LSU has many options for “socialization”.  Not to mention, Mardi Gras. LSU offers tons of ways you can live it up in Louisiana.


22.  University of Missouri

Location:  Columbia, MO

Number of Undergraduates:  22,197

Student-to-faculty ratio:  18:1

With a great mix of greek life and athletics, Mizzou can offer a plethora of social experiences for students.  Known for their homecoming parties, Mizzou ranks in at #22 on our list.

21. Clark Atlanta University

Location:  Atlanta, GA

Number of Undergraduates:  3,187

Student-to-faculty ratio:  20:1

With Homecoming as the school’s top social event, Clark Atlanta University offers a host of all other social events like sports games, concerts, and even a Miss Clark Atlanta Coronation and Ball.



20.  University of Kansas

Location:  Lawrence, KS

Number of Undergraduates:  17,151

Student-to-faculty ratio:  17:1

University of Kansas is normally a big contender in the college basketball world.  March Madness brings life to this campus due to the student-pride in the basketball team.  Rock chalk!



19.    Syracuse University

Location: Syracuse, NY

Number of Undergraduates: 14,675

Student-to-faculty ratio:  15:1

Even though winters could be pretty cold and snowy, Syracuse kills the party scene with basketball, Greek life, and different events like Juice Jam (campus-wide music festival) and Mayfest (celebration for the end of spring semester with free food, drinks, and live entertainment).



18.  University of Southern California

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Number of Undergraduates:  18,631

Student-to-faculty ratio:  9:1

Greek Life, USC sports, and access to downtown LA and all it has to offer:  clubs, bars, and other fun city sites and doings. The Trojans sure now how to throw down.



17.  University of Mississippi 

Location:  University, MS

Number of Undergraduates:  17,511

Student-to-faculty ratio:  18:1

Good Ole Miss takes tailgating to the next level.  With a 10-acre park, the Grove, in the middle of the campus, the University of Mississippi turns into a tailgating city on game days.


16.  Ohio University

Location:  Athens, OH

Number of Undergraduates:  17,695

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  17:1

According to a recent student survey, students at Ohio University are not only having tons of fun, but they’re happy.  57% of students polled said the campus was “beautiful” and their “second home”. Not to mention, the school was ranked #1 on Playboy’s Party School in the past.


15.  Penn State University

Location:  University Park, PA

Number of Undergraduates:  39,785

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  16:1

Another school with strong Greek Life and student athletics.  PSU offers tons of opportunities for socialization with their tailgating parties as well as Greek life, THON, PSU’s 24-hour dance marathon is a social highlight of the campus.



14.  Miami University

Location:  Oxford, OH

Number of Undergraduates:  16,619

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  14:1

SURPRISE! Miami University is not in Florida, but in a rural town in Ohio.  Miami University has bar access, music, sporting events, and house parties galore.


13.  University of California - Santa Barbara

Location:  Santa Barbara, CA

Number of Undergraduates:  21,777

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  18:1

I mean come on, with a view like this, how could you not live the life at the University of California-Santa Barbara.  UCSB has major events on campus like Extravaganza, the annual campus music festival, Halloween, frat parties, and downtown food and drink options, you can never be bored here on UCSB’s campus.



12.  Southern Methodist University

Location:  Dallas, TX

Number of Undergraduates:  6,240

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  11:1

Being located near downtown Dallas, Southern Methodist University has tons to offer.  Playboy magazine even if referred to the Southern Methodist University as “Dallas’s never-ending house party.”  Southern Methodist University annual “Heaven or Hell” Halloween costume part is known throughout Dallas.



11.  University of Iowa

Location:  Iowa City, IA

Number of Undergraduates:  21,222

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  16:1

Greek Life and college football rule the campus at the University of Iowa.  They pack the stadium on game nights and throw wild tailgates. The Hawkeyes know how to have fun.  



10.  University of Texas - Austin

Location:  Austin, TX

Number of Undergraduates:  37,740

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  18:1

Austin is rated one of the best big college towns in America.  With tons of music and culture, amazing food and drinks, even late-night options, Southern hospitality, Austin knows a good time.  It only makes sense that the University of Texas would follow suite. The University of Texas is known for its Round Up event, where all the fraternities throw parties all week long.



9.  Florida State University

Location:  Tallahassee, FL

Number of Undergraduates:  29,286

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  22:1

Tallahassee is known as the “college town that never sleeps”.  Not much more needs to be said about this college town. With bars, clubs, restaurants, and student house parties FSU knows how to get the party started.



8.  University of Alabama

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Number of Undergraduates:  29,923

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  23:1

If you know, you know, Roll Tide.  They’ve got football games, local bars, frat parties, and so much more.  The University of Alabama knows how to party, and 34% of Alabama’s student body goes Greek.


7.  Indiana University - Bloomington

Location:  Bloominton, IN
Number of Undergraduates:  32,212

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  17:1

IU is known for its on campus bicycle race called the Little 500, which the town refers to as “The World’s Greatest College Weekend”.  IU also offers big social life aspects with Greek life and athletics.


6.  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Location: Champaign, IL

Number of Undergraduates:  32,613

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  20:1

Students at the University of Illinois notoriously party so much on St. Patrick’s Day that one year, when the University’s Spring Break fell on St. Patrick’s day, the local Champaign bar owners declared it “unofficial” on the account that all the students were not there to celebrate.



5.  Howard University

Location:  Washington, D.C. 

Number of Undergraduates:  6,090

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  8:1

Like many others of the schools on the list, Howard University’s social life revolves around it’s Greek life, sports,and of course it homecoming celebration.  


4.  University of Wisconsin

Location:  Madison, WI

Number of Undergraduates:  28,977

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  18:1

These cheeseheads know how to party.  Being out and about in Madison is what the Badgers do best.  Whether it is the nightlife or the athletics, these Badgers are partying it up.

3.  West Virginia University

Location:  Morgantown, WV

Number of Undergraduates:  20,712

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  20:1

Football games or parties every night of the week, WVU really knows how to do it.  You will never be short of bored in Morgantown.



2.  University of Georgia

Location:  Athens, GA

Number of Undergraduates:  27,142

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  17:1

The majority of the University of Georgia’s social life revolves around Greek life.  But being so close to downtown Athens, you can hit the bars. You can also cheer on the football team, and definitely don’t miss the Georgia Florida rivalry!



  1. Tulane University

Location: New Orleans, LA

Number of Undergraduates: 6,716

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:  8:1

Food, music, bars, New Orleans has it all.  Tulane’s student’s motto is “party with a purpose.”  They throw down in one of the wildest cities in the country.

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